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You can choose to share and recommend any product with your friends, you can also share on any social network.

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Having an online presence and a website is fundamental and basic today. We focus on helping small businesses without technical knowledge to have a website.

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That's our motto. We serve our customers in a humane and always clear manner, so that there are no doubts or misunderstandings.

Common Questions

You receive 10% according to the period your nominee signs. Remembering that you will receive this percentage of the referral for the time he is staying at Skazee, if your referral pays monthly, you will receive monthly and so on, if he stays for 10 months, you will receive the 10 months commission.

Your commission is credited to your account within 7 days after the plan is signed by the nominee. Your first commission will be credited in up to 15 days.

You receive only by referring through your exclusive referral link (available on the Affiliates page on the Panel) or by placing one of our banners on your website or blog. You will have access to all items to promote our brand after registering on the Panel.

Every affiliate receives a URL containing the address of our website + the unique identification ID. From this identification ID your eligible commissions will be counted. For this reason, it is important that you always use advertising materials with the affiliate URLs generated through the Panel.

We track the visitors you refer through cookies, so even referral users who do not sign up for a product / service at the first moment, return within 90 days (term that cookies can be stored in the customer's internet browser) and sign, the commission will still be credited to you.

Self-referral is not allowed, that is, you cannot use your affiliate link to activate services with Skazee. Attempting to contract services together using the affiliate link itself will result in cancellation of the affiliate account, including the cancellation of all commissions pending payment.

Duplicate registration is forbidden in order to receive a percentage on the service for your own use, if it is discovered you will have the disabled registration of the affiliate program and will not be able to redeem the value already in account.
It is prohibited to use any type of illegal practice to get referrals, including sending spam, in case of breach of this rule all resources already accounted for will be blocked, causing the affiliate account to be canceled. 
It is prohibited to make misleading advertising that damages the name of the company.

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